It is with regret that we have to announce that the production of MIK II e-spinner has ceased.
Our other product range continues as before.

MIK II e-spinner from Hedehus Company

Electric spinner at half the price !!
(Of others :-))

Does this sound too good to be true ?!
It actually gets better yet!
If you already have a Flyer and Bobbins from an Ashford Spinning Wheel (Single Drive, Traditional or Traveler) , the savings are up to 70% and you can get started e-spinning for DKK 1600,- (~€ 211)*.


Note the Ashford Flyer + Bobbins must be purchased separately, that is not something we sell.

If you don't have a Ashford Single Drive Flyer and Bobbins, the price at an authorised Ashford dealer is approx. DKK 996,- (~€133)*  for a Jumbo Sliding Hook Flyer and 3 Bobbins, making the total price of the MIK II e-spinner DKK 2677, - (~€358)* , or approx. half the price of the cheapest competitors. 

But there is more -  in addition to the amazing price, you will get an electric spinning machine, that's light and portable.

And it continues! 

As a spinner, you probably know the sound of Flyer and Bobbin that "rattle" back and forth between the bearings.
This problem has been completely removed on the MIK II as you easily - via a threaded rod - can adjust the distance between the bearings/maidens so that it fits completely with the Flyer and Bobbin you use.

The MIK II e-spinner introduces a brand new Bobbin brake system (Danish Tension).
The new system uses a
"brake shoe" that brakes the Bobbin on the end surface.
Again, use the threaded rod to adjust the distance between the maidens, pressing them together, thus breaking the Bobbin.

If you prefer the old brake system
(Scotch Tension), the MIK II of course also has this system, placed on the front, easy to adjust.

MIK II e-spinner has a power supply with
electronic variable speed control, operated with a rotary knob (potentiometer). This makes MIK II easy to use.

Product and information videos can be found here: VIDEO

Further information and technical specifications can be found in the User Guide, which can be found here. 

The price is
DKK 1600, - excl shipping.
MIK II is built to use the Flyers of Ashford (Single Drive) . (Traditional or Traveler).


Ashford Single drive Jumbo Sliding Hook Flyer

(Note the Ashford Flyer + Bobbins must be purchased separately, that is not something we sell.)

MIK II is shipped with 3/4 "Jumbo Flyer bearing. Kit for conversion to standard Flyer, 1/2" bearing, can be purchased at a costs DKK 110, - (~€15)*

Regulators for connection to 12V Output (Auto/Cigarette lighter) and connection to a PowerPack can also be provided, these cost DKK 349, - (~€45)* / pcs.

MIK II is only built by order and prepayment, so a
delivery period of 1-2 weeks is to be expected.

Selling to countries in EU only!

Packaging and Shipping

Shipped with PostNord

EU Countries: DKK 200,- (~€27)

Pick up in Aalborg 0, - (by appointment!) 

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